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        The 88th Izmir International Fair in Turkey

        On Sep.5th to 10th, 2019, Amico participated in the 88th Izmir International Fair and China-Turkey Trade and Investment Cooperation BBS in Turkey, which invited by Chengdu Municipal Government.

        On the morning of September 6th, representatives of exhibitors of Chengdu pavilion accompanied Mr. Fan Ruiping, secretary of Chengdu Municipal Committee, to participate in the "China-Turkey Trade and Investment Cooperation BBS". During the exhibition (Sep. 7th-10th ), Amico’s exhibitors introduced the main products to the visitors in the exhibition, as well as the application of Amico products in various industries, including: natural gas generators, natural gas CHPs, biogas generators, biogas CHPs and application. Lots of visitors have shown great interest in the products and technologies.

        Through this exhibition, Amico has formally participated in the "One Belt And One Road" strategy of going out, and conducted deep communication with enterprises in the same industry, and reached preliminary cooperation intention with many companies.

        Figure 1 Secretary Mr. Fan Ruiping gave a speech on China-Turkey Trade and Investment Cooperation BBS

        Figure 2 The 88th Izmir International Fair opened officially

        Figure 3 Amico exhibitor took photo with the customer

        Figure 4 Amico exhibitor introduced products to the clients

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