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        The Delegation of Biogas Experts Visits AMICO

        On Sep. 20th, 2019, a delegation of biogas experts from Central Africa, Senegal, Morocco, Mali, Madagascar, Congo, Burundi, Ghana, South Africa, South Sudan, Jordan, Ethiopia and so on visited Amico to exchange and learn biogas technology. Amico warmly welcomed the experts’ visiting. Amico sales engineer gave a brief introduction for Amico’s current development and technical improvement of products, sales cases etc. Accompanied by the reception personnel, the experts visited the production workshop and test workshop, and gave a high evaluation on the quality and performance of the products. Amico’s related staffs have answered all kinds of questions raised by the experts carefully. Their rich professional knowledge and well-disciplined working ability have also left a deep impression to the experts.
        The accompanying personnel introduced the production and process of the products, as well as the application range and effect of the products. After the visit, the experts were impressed by Amico good  working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere and hard-working employees.


        Figure 1 Amico sales engineer introduced the company's products to the experts

        Figure 2 Amico reception personnel answering the experts' questions

        Figure 3 The experts visited the workshop

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